Get to know the family
behind Finnie Designs

Finnie Designs is a family run business which just means that your order may have been picked by our 2 year old Annie or 4 year old Finn - but don't worry! every order is packed and quality checked by an adult Either Emily or James - fart jokes aside they're very mature (HA) adults!




Meet Emily

The owner of Finnie Designs. Lover of anything colourful, cute or downright funny (get her in the right mood or 2 glasses of wine deep and she will probably titter at a fart joke or two) you'll find her deep in the creative process during her free time (Lol free time) 

Meet James

The husband, the support person and the level head behind Finnie Designs. James is passionate about gaming, family, AFL football and playing cricket - he even got a hat trick in his first premiership game in 2020 - (Sorry I had to tell you that now so I can stop him from telling you later!)

Meet Finn

The "Finn" in Finnie designs he's our fiery redhead, constantly on the move and keeping us on our toes, He's our pro fart joke teller

(if you can call

"Hey mum - guess what?"
"What honey?"

*Audible fart* 

a fart joke?)

Meet Annie

The "ie" in Finnie designs, she's sassy and knows what she likes but her smile is infectious and will light up any room. she is the inspiration to our vibrant brand aesthetic and our design critic and isn't afraid to brag about it. (She'll often be found randomly yelling "pretty pretty!" at random items so that counts as a critic - right?)

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